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China friendship brother 5 days tired drop 11.4%

27/12/2011 21:20 0 Comentarios Lectura: ( palabras)

China friendship brother 5 days tired drop 11.4%

Dispatch Gucci outlets of Netease science and technology on December 8 message, online and retail website should release electronic book platform this month when net general, disclose according to relevant controller, the price of book of electron gucci outlets store of the majority on platform will be in 10 yuan surely the following.

Should establish department of publication number business last year in November when the net. After 1 year is being lain between when, should say to will go up formally thisdiscounted gucci bags month when the net platform of line electron book, head period prepared 50 thousand electron books to be used at the sale. In incomeoriginal gucci bags cent becomes a facet, will adopt " 64 mode ", the press is obtained 6 into income, should divide into income when the net.

In price respect, when when the net relevant controller expresses now, electronic book price alls over general the price interval that folds in the 1-3 of paper book, value of majority electron book will be in 10 yuan the following.

The personagegucci bags outlet inside course of study thinks, should become the obstacle with the biggest business of book of net sortie electron, it is consumer have not nurturance pays cost to read a habit. To this, when the vice-president when businessdesigner gucci bags of number of net be assigned personal responsibility for Yi Wenfei expresses, do not be eager to foster consumer nurturance to pay cost thegucci bags 2012 custom at present, "The user that should accumulate 12 years when the net is a batch ' taking money tobuy a book ' consumer, what we should do above all is to let these having pay cost to read habitual crowd to accept more substantial electron to read louis vuitton outlets kind enough " .

(Article origin: Report of Netease science and technology)

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